Rejecting of the blood-relationship, hence allowing for the parents to marry the unrelated children!!

Posted: May 2, 2012 in pornography in the bible

Let us again look at Leviticus 20:21:

Leviticus 20:21
If a man marries his brother’s wife, it is an act of impurity; he has dishonored his brother. They will be childless.

If the interpretation in sub-section “b” above is wrong – that GOD Almighty didn’t supposedly promise to cause either of the parents to become barren – then the only interpretation left for this verse is that the children born from the new married couple are not considered actual legitimate children.  So in the case of sin (a Jewish man and a Jewish woman violated Leviticus 20:21 and got married in some land today), the children are considered strangers!  This means that they can neither inherit nor carry the family’s last name.

So if this is the case, then here are some serious questions:

1-  Since the children are not related to either of the parents, can we now marry any of the parents’ children, from their previous marriages, to the new children?

2-  Can the mother, in case of divorce, marry any of the unrelated boys?

3-  Can the father do an act of polygamy and marry any of the unrelated girls, especially if they’re not legally registered under his name?

See proofs about polygamy being allowed in both the Old and New Testaments in the Bible.

I am sure that your natural inclination for an answer will be “NO” if you are a Jew or Christian, because these questions sound quite outrageous!  But let us leave emotions aside for a second and let us think objectively here.  Please explain to me what does “they will be childless” exactly mean?  If neither of the parents is promised to become barren, then what else does it mean?  And if the relationship between the parents and the new children is not approved by GOD Almighty, then


Show me the verse from the Bible that prohibits any of the parents from marrying any of these unrelated children!


If the child is now forbidden from even carrying the family’s name, despite the fact that both his parents are known and are even still alive, and is also forbidden from inheriting, then why on earth would you think that the Bible doesn’t allow for any of them to marry any of the unrelated children??

Whether this sounds very sick to you and me or not, that is not relevant here!  What’s relevant is that the Bible does allow for the parents to marry their own children in some cases.


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